Friday, October 7, 2011

10 Principles for Assisting Reading. 7. Relate

After the reading the parent/guide should ask the child about how he/she enjoyed the book/passage. Relate the story to the child's own experiences. Place the child into the shoes of the main character by asking, what he/she would have done in the same situation. Ask the child to imagine what it would have ben like to have been in the same situation.

Have the child retell the story or passage. This is an important stage as it helps the child to reorganise and recode the information in the passage. Check that the child is ordering the events correctly and that they have identified all the main ideas. Ask what parts he/she liked the best and why. Don't make this too formal - just relax and share thoughts and ideas. The parent/care-giver should also relate the story to things that happened to them but keep it conversational.

Ask the child if his/her predictions about the story were correct or were the events of the story different to what was imagined. How was it the same and what was different?

 It is a time that the parent and the child should be looking forward to each day. The most important thing is that this should be a fun time for both!

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