Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fluency Part 7 - Repeated Reading Technique.

Reading fluency encompasses the ability to read fluently at a good rate while using appropriate expression. This will also involve reading words automatically without conscious attention while comprehending what is being read.

Most people have a constant reading rate with which they comfortably read most reading material. However, it should be noted that reading rate will change according to the purpose of the reading and the difficulty level of the text.

Using repeated readings is for children who have adequate word recognition but read slowly. To begin with select a reading passage of approximately 100 words and with 90 - 96% word accuracy level for the child. Have the child read the passage and count the number of words read correctly and time the child  as he/she reads the passage.  This can be repeated 3 or 4 times on the same passage. Plot the child's progress on a chart and note reading rate improvement. Use other passages from the same book to keep the passages at the same level. When the child's reading rate improves and he or she feels more confident move on to a slightly harder book and follow the same procedure.

Reading rate scores are based on data from

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