Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Working Memory and Learning Review Pt 2

The second book review looks at  'Working Memory & Learning: A practical Guide for Teachers'.
The language is clear and easy to follow and will appeal to those who may or may not be familiar with cognitive psychology of memory. It informs the reader about current research and how it can apply, in practical terms, to the classroom (or home) teaching situation.

The authors identify some basic principles that should be applied when assisting children with poor working memories. These are:
  • recognise working memory failures
  • monitor the child for these failures
  • evaluate working memory loads
  • reduce working memory loads when necessary
  • be prepared to repeat information
  • encourage the use of memory aids
  • develop the child's use of strategies to support memory
Some very practical ideas are given to illustrate these principles. This book is a must-have for those wanting to be informed about the learning process and to know how to assist struggling learners.

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